Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Planting

I love fall gardening.  I thought I wouldn't.  In fact, I didn't know it existed until we moved to southern Mississippi two falls ago, and I mourned the terrible timing.  There would be no vegetable garden till spring, I thought. 

I was wrong!

This year's fall garden contains some old favorites and a few new additions.  A must-have for any fall (or spring garden) is lettuce, so I've planted it in abundance.

I even allowed Amos to sneak into this photo.  He's always such a huge gardening inspiration, cheering me onto the finish.  (He actually cares nothing for lettuce, of course.)

This will be my fifth attempt at growing broccoli.  I have only done it once successfully!  It needs to be thinned to have lots of room, and it requires lots of patience.  I had great results last fall, though.  By January, I had lovely huge heads of broccoli!

Onto the new additions for this year's garden.

And fennel.  I'm very excited to see if I can grow this, not only as a new gardening challenge, but because I've never cooked with it either and would love to start out with my own home-grown variety.

This year's last newcomer is spinach. It's doing well so far.  It was one of my husband's requests.


Have you started a fall garden?


  1. Well look at you, with your Fall garden! I guess I'm just too lazy...or I know the hard freeze comes in November and that's the end to it. You are really lucky to get a chance to (almost) garden year round. I should do lettuce, though. It's so easy and good. Can't wait to see how your cold crops turn out:)

  2. I love fall gardening!I have broccoli,brussell sprouts,cabbage,lettuce,spinach and carrots so far.Are you on facebook? There is a wonderful group called The Southern Gardener on there. It is a bunch of us Mississippi and a few Alabama people sharing photos and talking about our gardens every day.

  3. No fall gardening here in northern IL - too cold! We had our first freeze last night already with a low of 28 degrees. :-(


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