Friday, October 12, 2012

Review with Evanger's Dog Food


We have a very energetic and thus a very hungry lab mix in our house.  We are also housed with two cats who often question the food choices we make for them.  So obviously, I was just thrilled when I was asked to do a review of Evanger's pet food.

This great company was founded in 1935 by Fred Evanger, who was a dog lover and believer that healthy animals started with good wholesome food that's free of additives and preservatives.  The line that once only included dog food has grown and expanded greatly, but one thing hasn't changed--all these years later, Evanger's pet foods are still full of only the finest and freshest ingredients.

All of Evanger's products are human-grade and since 2003, the line has further expanded to include:
  • Hand-packed dinners and supplements
  • Grain-Free dinners and supplements
  • Dry dog and cat diets
  • And more!

For this review, I received  six cans of wet pet food (suitable for a dog or cat) in chicken, rabbit, beef, and buffalo, two small bags of Evanger's grain-free meat-lover's medley with rabbit, one large bag of Evanger's grain-free meat-lover's medley, and one box of all-natural beef-tongue treats for dogs and cats.   What a wonderful selection!

Our Amos loved the wet food option.

I was very pleased that Evanger's offered a grain-free selection.  Coy has very severe grain allergies that cause him to chew his skin, so he must have grain-free food at all times.

Most treats don't agree with Coy and his array of allergies, but the Evanger's treats, being all-natural, have been wonderful.  And he loves them just as much as if they were a fake, fatty, store-bought concoction! 

Just look at him, and this is an actual picture of him about to get his Evanger's treat!

It's no surprise then that I highly recommend Evanger's brand pet food and treats.  Not only was it healthy and wholesome, but my pets loved it as well!  I also love supporting long-standing companies with good reputations.

Visit the Evanger's Pet Food website and see what they have to offer!

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